SERC offers a variety of science materials and science equipment for check-out including microscopes, skulls, circuit boards, rocks and minerals, videos, books, and much more.  A partial list of items can be found in a PDF document and on the Library Thing website.  See links below:

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SERC Science Resource Inventory(PDF)

If you want something that is not included on the list, please contact the SERC Director because it may not be on the list yet. 

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SERC Books

SERC offers a variety of books covering a wide range of science topics and science activities. Users can view what we have through LibraryThing website.



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SERC Science Resource Educational Videos

SERC has educational short videos on it's You Tube Channel.



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SERC SketchFab Page

SERC has 3D images of items to be used in curriculum that are downloadable for free.



 Checking Out Materials

If you are interested in looking at and/or checking out materials from SERC contact the SERC Director for an appointment.  Materials are usually checked out for one to two weeks, depending on your needs.  We reserve the right to limit checkout time on popular materials.  All materials must be returned by their due date, clean and in working order.  You may be charged for damage, loss, and/or late return.

Returning Materials

All borrowed materials should be returned to the Resource Center by making an appointment with the SERC Director.  The nature of the Resource Center materials precludes us from having a "drop box." Please do not leave materials outside the door. If you have a problem or want to renew something, contact the SERC Director.

SERC'S Books

SERC offers variety of books covering a wide range of science topics. Users can check out through LibraryThing website.

Wildlife Ambassadors

SERC has a collection of Wildlife Ambassadors including snakes, turtles, tortoises, frogs, toads,and a tarantula available to come for a few days to visit in your classroom .  Using these animals in lessons gives students the opportunity to make observations about behaviors, adaptations, and anatomy of living beings that they rarely have the opportunity to see up close.  Pre-service and in-service teachers who want to check out a Wildlife Ambassador are required to go through a Science Live! workshop and certification.  These presentations are given a couple of times each semester.  Please contact the SERC Director ( for more information. (TGC)