Two programs which are unique to SERC, the Wildlife Ambassador Lending Program and our Biofact Lending Program, provide an invaluable service to educators. SERC is the only facility in the Bay Area that allows teachers to check out wildlife ambassadors, which are reptiles, amphibians and arthropods, to visit their classroom for educational purposes. SERC requires that teachers are certified through a Science Live! Professional Development Workshops.

SERC also boasts one of the largest hands-on teaching collections of biofacts in the country. Many of the items in the collection cannot be purchased or collected any longer and many professional museums do not allow the check out or use of their biofact collections in the classroom. At SERC teachers are allowed to check out biofacts and use them in their classroom to provide a hands-on, inquiry-based science experience for their students.

Resource Lending Program

Access to over 5000+ science resources including one of the country's largest biofact lending collection. Soon you will be able to visit our online inventory catalog to see some of the resources available. Contact SERC Director to check on availability and for reservations.

Wildlife Ambassador Program

Please contact the SERC Director, Diane Davis at 408-924-4884 or for more information.

Highlighted Curriculum

Check out the SERC highlighted Environmental Science Curriculum and Wildlife Ambassador Curriculum.