Lizard Curriculum

Wildlife Ambassador Program

     K-3rd grades


    Lesson 1: Animal Skeletons
              Worksheet 1: Animal Skeleton Drawing
    Lesson 2: Camouflage
              Worksheet 1: Camouflaging Animals
              Worksheet 2: Camouflaging Animals Key
              Worksheet 3: Alligator Lizards New Home
              Worksheet 4: Camouflage Habitat Cutouts
              Worksheet 5: Camouflage Poster
    Lesson 3: Do Lizards Play Hide and Seek?
              Worksheet 1: Do Lizards Play Hide and Seek
              Worksheet 2: The Confused Chameleon
    Lesson 4: Go Lizards Go
              Worksheet 1: Go Lizards Go
    Lesson 5: Lizards with Shapes
              Worksheet 1: That Lizard Has
              Worksheet 2: My Shape Book
    Lesson 6: My Pet Lizard Rock
              Worksheet 1: My Pet Lizard Rock
    Lesson 7: Patterns Discovery
               Worksheet 1: Pattern Discovery
               Worksheet 2: Pattern Discovery Key
    Lesson 8: Snakes vs. Lizards
               Worksheet 1: Snakes vs. Lizards

    4-5th grade

     Lesson 1: A Lizards Ecosystem
               Worksheet 1: Food Chain
               Worksheet 2: Food Chain Key
               Worksheet 3: Food Chain Experiment
               Worksheet 4: Food Chain Experiment Key
    Lesson 2: The Environment of a Lizard
               Worksheet 1: Reading Comprehension Questions
               Worksheet 2: Reading Comprehension Questions Key
               Worksheet 3: Build a Habitat Organizer
               Worksheet 4: Build a Habitat Organizer Key
    Lesson 3: The Habitat of An Alligator Lizard
              Worksheet 1: What do you See?
              Worksheet 2: OK Environment
    Lesson 4: Custom Camouflage
              Worksheet 1: Center 1
              Worksheet 2: Center 4
    Lesson 5: The Anatomy of a Lizard
              Worksheet 1: Observing a Schneider's Skink
              Worksheet 2: Observing a Schneider's Skink Key
              Worksheet 3: Why is That There?
              Worksheet 4: Why is That There? Key
    Lesson 6: Thorny Devil
              Worksheet 1: Observation Worksheet
              Worksheet 2: Investigation Journal
    Lesson 7: Where Would Lizards Be Without Plants?
              Worksheet 1: Experiment Worksheet
              Worksheet 2: Observation Record
              Worksheet 3: Experiment Rubric
    Lesson 8: Climbing Lizards and Other Sticky Things
              Worksheet 1: Center Explorations
              Worksheet 2: Lizard Observation

Lizards 6-8th Grade

     Lesson 1: Build a Terrarium
              Worksheet 1: Build a Terrarium
              Worksheet 2: Build a Terrarium Key
    Lesson 2: Tasty!
              Worksheet 1: Tasty - Worksheet 1
              Worksheet 2: Tasty - Worksheet 1 Key
    Lesson 3: Pump it Up!
              Worksheet 1: What Makes your Heart Beat
              Worksheet 1: What Makes your Heart Beat Key
    Lesson 4: Model of Lungs
              Worksheet 1: How Much Air do you Breathe
              Worksheet 2: How Much Air do you Breathe Key